Elektronische Zeitsteuerung TUP

Timer type 1078-1


Electronic, freely programmable timer for valve control can replace additional control components such as timer relays, timers or stored program controls. One unit offers four differentfunctions Cycle clock inverted cycle clock, switch-on impulse and switch-on delay with eight switch-on and switch-off time each: function and time range selectable via DIP switches, fine time setting with potentiometer. Product advantages,type 1078-1Simple control technology. Freely programmable unit with functions to replace additional control components (e.g. timer relay, timers, SPC, etc.). DIP switch programming 8-pole DIP switch allows module to be programmed for four functions and eight switchon and switch-off ranges. Easy to install. Simply disconnect unit socket and plug-in timer control type 1078-1. Flexible cable exit which allows repositioning in 90° increments provides for installation even in problem situations with limited space. Integrated LED displays. Allow permanent check of supply voltage and valve control to complete the ease of service and operation. Quick function check. Even for longer time intervals, e.g. in hour range: after fine adjustment switch over to back to original time range. Simply by actuating the DIP switch in each case. Splash-proof. The plastic housing with IP 65 protection system rating ensures that unit can be used even in problem areas. Voltage ranges. 110 - 230 V / 50-60 Hz AC 24 - 48 V / 50-60 Hz AC+DC Combinable. Connection circuit pattern according to DIN 43650 allows combination with highly differing valves. Ask us.We have the solution.